It’s not just a display. It’s an experience – for the customer, the brand and the observer.

This is how we think every day. At all stages, you, as the customer, should feel that you’re having an uplifting experience for you and your brand. Adder is standing behind you and we’re not satisfied until we’ve given you our full attention. For over 20 years, Adder has been developing sensational display systems that have provided sales support in retail environments and public spaces to many leading international brands.

Our powerful offering provides patented designs, quality assurance and services that simplify your campaign work. On top of this, our personal commitment gives you security, satisfaction and success. At Adder we are full of big ideas and develop our products with the environments of the future in mind. Our product development is part of the experience and of fulfilling our customers’ expectations. Adder leads the way with minimalistic Swedish design and high quality.

Now we’re looking to develop even broader solutions with messages that set our customers apart in the public sphere. As a customer, you can embrace the future, our brand promise and the success of our standing innovation.



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